Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Johansson's idle proposal

UEFA President Lennart Johansson should be making positive steps to enable women's football attract better sponsorship, instead of idling with a silly idea.

"There are so many companies who could make use of the fact that if you see a girl playing on the ground, sweaty, with the rainy weather and coming out of the dressing-room, lovely-looking, that would sell well," said UEFA President Lennart Johansson, after watching the semi-final between Sweden and Norway in the semi-final of the European Women's Championship 2005 in England.

Since Johansson is the President of Europe's football governing body, you would expect that he is a professional spokesperson who speaks to the media in an official manner, rather than airing his personal and off-handish viewpoint over the direction of football (albeit women's football).

However, he has said what he has said, and there is no turning back, so let the following be said: women's football should continue to be about football, because if men want to look at women who are appealing to their sexual desires, there are other mediums, such as magazines and the internet, in which they can be fulfilled.

Rather than resting on this idle, negative, and indecent proposal for women's football to attract better sponsorship, Johansson should be taking positive steps to increase the profile of the women's game having UEFA invest money into the game.

For example, why not take small amount of money out of their coffers (I hear that the Champions League prize pool has cash to spare) and invest it in developing women's football, which would eventually increase the quality and attraction of the game, inevitably attracting better support and sponsorship?

Not much money would actually be needed to develop such a fledgling section of the world game, and any such investment that strengthens the women's game would have a decent chance of being paid back in the future.


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