Monday, November 15, 2004

Ryan Giggs Could Go To Blackburn

Ryan Giggs, almost 31 years of age, has revealed that contract renewal negotiations with English club Manchester United have stalled. They only wanted a one-year renewal, while the UEFA Champions League medal winner wanted a longer contract.

The media are speculating that a move to Bolton Wanderers is likely if the negotiations fail completely, as United have indicated they would think further about the difference between the two parties. While moving to Reebok Stadium is plausible, as Bolton manager Sam Allardyce has a reputation of working with players past their peak, such as Youri Djorkaeff, neighbouring Blackburn Rovers would seem a more plausible option.

Quite simply, Ryan Giggs has already been coached at international level by Rovers manager Mark Hughes, with the Wales national team. It would therefore make sense for Giggs to go to the club where he would be familiar with the manager. And it would especially make sense to join Rovers as Hughes is a Manchester United legend himself who successfully finished his career at the Lancashire club.

Blackburn is starved of form at present, and Giggs is a player who would certainly add that touch of class that the squad is lacking. There should be no problem obtaining him as the club has indicated to Hughes that they will back him in the transfer market.


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