Wednesday, November 10, 2004

From Soccer To Football: A Change For The Better

Soccer Australia Chief Executive John O'Neill has indicated during the 2006 World Cup trophy's world tour that Australia's football association is likely to change its name to Football Australia. This is a welcome change for a nation that has misnamed the world game for decades.

This would be a small but good step to have Australia as a football nation to start earning some real respect. Not only that, it would indicate that football in Australia will no longer be content to play "second fiddle" to the other football codes in Australia, namely Australian rules football and the different types of rugby.

Now that this first step is likely to be made, Australia should start thinking about changing its name for the national team. Currently, the senior team is called the Qantas Socceroos. It is disgusting enough that a nickname has replaced the actual name of the national team. However, what is even more disgusting is prostituting its name to a sponsor for the sake of a few dollars.

No other national team prostitutes its name -- they quite rightly use the name of their nation. There is no valid reason why a corporation’s name should be used, or a nickname in a silly tradition that is used across all Australian national teams in most team sports. This name prostitution should be ceased immediately. That is, of course, if we want Australia taken seriously on the international football stage.


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