Friday, November 05, 2004

Chelsea Out To Destroy Mutu

Previously, if you had asked me whether the Chelsea Football was out to "destroy" Adrian Mutu, I would have said that it was highly unlikely, despite target-testing him. They would have no motivation, especially considering reports stating they could possibly want to recoup some of the money they had spent on the scrutinised Mutu from a transfer sale.

However, I will have to re-evaluate that line of thought after the Romanian attacking midfielder was suspended for seven months and ordered for rehabilitation and training after taking an unknown recreational drug, possibly cocaine.

Chelsea, after hearing the convicted sentence that Mutu was handed down from the English Football Association, released their own statement saying they were "extremely disappointed with this verdict," and thought that it was far too lenient. Further, they expressed that the FA was "weak" and that they "lacked direction".

What they were trying to do with this statement to help Adrian Mutu is beyond me. He had been charged, sacked from Chelsea, and then convicted. That is punishment enough. Now he is trying to piece together to damage done to his career and his life, pick himself up by attending rehabilitation and education, and possibly undergoing other treatment. The best Chelsea could have done was shut up and accept the decision, and offer any support for his recovery.

But we could hardly expect that from Chelsea. In fact, apart from Jose Mourinho undergoing a pre-season meeting with Adrian Mutu and his two agents, the club had done nothing to help him, even after the Romanian showed symptoms of depression during training on several occasions.

Chelsea, through their actions, has done nothing to help Adrian Mutu and the issue of drugs in football in general. Yes, as a professional footballer, he should not have taken the recreational drug he took. He had a responsibility to his club to keep clear of those substances. However, that does not excuse Chelsea's behaviour towards a human being.

Besides, Mutu's drug-taking did not mean he cheated at his sport -- recreational drugs do not help on-field performance. And indeed, they are not harmful to the body if used very moderately and appropriately.


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