Saturday, October 23, 2004

Emerton Contradicts Veteran Midfielder's Denigrating Comments

Recently, veteran midfielder and ex-Turkish captain Tugay made the following eyebrow-raising statement on Turkish television: "Nobody wants to play football any more (at Blackburn). The (previous) manager (Graeme Souness) left and that's how it is now. Now, I'm looking for new alternatives."

Of course, this statement suggests that there is disharmony in the current Rovers squad, and that none of the players wants to play at the club. The reality of the situation is that the Blackburn players virtually gave current manager Mark Hughes employment at the Lancashire club. Craig Short said just as much when he spoke to the media before an appointment was made some weeks ago.

Brett Emerton has thrown his hat into the ring and contradicted Tugay himself. He was telling the media yesterday morning that he was far happier at Blackburn, now that Hughes is manager. In addition, he thought that the other players were happier too, despite the relegation quagmire that they find themselves in at the moment.

"I think the players are a lot happier," said the Australian international midfielder. "Mark seems to get on well with all the players and everyone is enthusiastic and keen to get results for him. That has to be a good sign."

Tugay is sour that the manager he followed from Galatasaray is no longer at Blackburn anymore. The reality of the situation is that at least most players at Blackburn are happier, and that many players outside the club would be more than happy to play under a Manchester United legend as well.


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